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Qiu Qiu
- Singapore's Local Celebrity Blogger

"Now my stretch marks, baby belly fat and cellulite are finally gone. I also feel my tummy area much more strengthen and toned. My muscle weight has increased burning off excess fat and my biological age dropped from 29 to 22 years! I am finally back in shape! Thanks to Expressions now I feel much more happy and confident!” >> read more <<

Darryl Yong
- MediaCorp Artiste

"I've tried the Isogei and Body System - I must say that the Body System is my favourite. I think it is like an abs workout because 4 packs will be placed on the abs, and you feel crunching motion. The Thermal Light + Toning pads  they put on us is to shock that muscle group makes you feel like you're doing a mini crunch with just a little bit of effort.”