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3-Day Detox Kit

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Award Winning 3-day Detox Program Kit [BUND045]

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Product Description

Expressions 3-day detox program helps to shed off excessive water, waste and toxins that we have accumulated daily. If you're embarking on a weight loss journey, Expressions 3-day detox program makes a good start!
Purchase our 3-day detox program online and receive a free Formula 2 (Fat Burner) which contains a combination of pure natural herbs that works together and strengthen your digestive system and flush out the unwanted and unhealthy fats in you.
All the capsules are made of vegetables which made our detox program to be suitable for vegetarians as well.
What is included in Expressions 3-days detox program?
1x Formula D (Upsized to 90 capsules)
1x Formula C (Upsized to 90 capsules)
1x Wheat Bran & Psyllium (Upsized to 90 capsules)
1x COMPLIMENTARY Formula 2 (Upsized to 90 capsules)
So how do the above formulas work? Let's break it down for you!
- Formula D
Formula D contains the perfect combination of 11 herbs which helps to cleanse your liver, kidney toxins and body wastes away, promoting a healthier body! Combined with Formula C, it improves constipation by enhancing your bowel movements - to flush out the toxins naturally.
- Formula C
Formula C is made up of a range of herbs and the main purpose is to improve intestinal absorption of vital nutrients while decreasing the absorption of toxins and waste at the same time.
- Wheat Bran & Psyllium
Wheat Bran & Psyllium is a superior fibre that speeds up the body processing time by providing important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The wheat bran helps to defend your hunger pangs, prevents constipation, lower the risk of high cholesterol and cleanse the intestinal tract.
Main Benefits
After a 3 day cleanse, most people lose up to 1-2 kg of excess water and waste. You can continue the 4 day diet with potassium broth, salads, steam veggies and fresh fruits, 3 meals a day. This experience usually motivates those who are overweight to continue with the Expressions Assures Weight and Inch Loss Program. In addition to weight loss, the user will experience wellness and health benefits.
It is recommended that you follow the 3 day Diet plan in conjunction with Expressions Weight Lipolysis Contour Slimming treatment that has synergetic effects to help achieve the wellness goal.
Why should you detox?
Body detoxification has been part of healthy cleansing for thousands of years. It has been the foundation of every culture’s healing philosophy for health and well being. Due to pollution in the environment (especially with the ongoing haze), residues from drugs, preservatives, processed food and unwanted waste are trapped in our bodies. The detoxification process is essential for maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

The Expressions Supplements are 100% natural and safe for consumption.

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