Juicing Detox & Fat Loss

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Juicing Detox & Fat Loss [BUND002]

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Product Description

One of the common reason why many slimming programs did not turn out well despite making huge efforts trying to slim down is mainly because the body is not detoxified and cleansed. Many toxins are stored in the body which caused the body not able to flush out the impurities in you. Without a clean inner system, it can cause various health issues.

Slimming results can be speeded up with more effective results if the inner system is detox and cleansed.

Introducing the special Expressions Detox and Weight Loss set which includes the supplements that helps to detox and enhance weight loss results at the same time as well as appease your appetite to refrain you from unhealthy snacking, which is one of the main contributor to many obesity cases.

In Juicing Detox & Fat Loss Set, you will receive 4 box of Slim Juice (One box contain 14 sachets), Free Formula 2 (Fat Burner) as well as Free Wheat Bran and Psyllium.

Expressions Slim juice, previously known as KilloKiller, is a improved formulation with finer granules to dissolve easier in juices / water. The refreshing taste (orange vitamin C like taste) makes the drink to be yummy to be drank.

Expressions Slim Juice target at your unwanted fat cells and detoxify and break down your fat cells in 5 simple steps:

  • Burns stubborn fat cells stored in your body
  • Drains off the harmful toxins hindering the absorption of the nurtients from your diet
  • Create a smooth bowel movement by enhancing the breakdown process of our food consumed
  • Defend hunger to prevent you from unhealthy snacking
  • Satisfy your appetite all day long

Directions to use
Drink 2 – 3 sachets in a day if you would like to reduce excess fats and cellulite. You can mix it in water or blend it with fruit juice every morning. For detoxifying, you can drink 1 – 2 sachets in a day.


Formula 2

Expressions Formula 2 Herbal Fat Burner is 100% made up with natural herbs. It does not comes with any side effects.
Formula 2 contains pure natural herbs that helps to strengthen your digestive system and appease your appetite. It also helps your body to break down and dissipate excess fats clogged around your body.

Main Benefits

  • Break down cellulite
  • Eliminates body waste materials
  • Reduce water retention
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Appease appetite naturally

Directions to use
You may take in 2 – 3 capsules daily, 1 capsules before each meals (30 minutes before you start consuming your food.)

Key ingredients

  • Chickweed – It helps to treat blood toxicity, reduce excess fats in your inner body and protect you from damaged or inflamed tissues.
  • Licorice Root – It helps to treat adrenal insufficiency if you have any and it also helps to calm down your stress.
  • Burndock Root and Parsley Root – It helps to decrease the water retention in your and treat any infection of your urinary tact.
  • Hawthrone Berries – It helps to stabalise your blood pressure and enhance blood circulation.
  • Fennel Seed – It act as a lubricant to help your body relieves fas and pains in the bowels.


Wheat Bran and Psyllium

Expressions Wheat Bran and Psyllium is a superior fibre capsules that helps to speed up the body’s processing time by providing essentials vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It helps to curbs hunger pangs, prevent constipation, lower cholesterol level and cleanses the intestinal tract.

Always find yourself snacking? Pop in a Wheat Bran and Psyllium pill to defend your small hunger and get yourself away from the unhealthy snacks!


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