5 Benefits of Cool Sculpting/Fat Freezing treatments

In today’s modern society, obesity is highly prevalent

This circumstance is characterised by the plentiful food options made accessible and the increasing sedentary lifestyles of people. 

While efforts to lose weight through dieting, acupuncture, liposuction or exercise can prove tedious or futile, cosmetic surgery is too risky. Furthermore, exercising does not eliminate fat cells completely. When you exercise and lose weight, the fat cell stays put – underneath our skin in our tummy, arms, thighs etc.  Excess fat cells produce hormones that slow down metabolism, making obesity hard to treat. Whereas, Cool Shape Treatments utilise low temperatures to kill these subcutaneous fat cells completely. It is designed to help people get in shape and tone up by eliminating unwanted bulges.

Proven to effectively reduce weight and promote emotional and physical health with the following benefits

Five benefits that set Cool shape apart from other surgical procedures

1. Safe and non-invasive

For our Cool Shape Treatment, there is no needle, incision or surgical equipment used and clients do not need any anaesthesia. Thus, unlike the usual surgical procedures, there is no risk of injury, nerve damage or any permanent side effects.

2. No downtime and fast

The treatment lasts for only about an hour. Plus, there is no downtime. When clients undergo the treatment, the process is comparable to them receiving a massage! After the treatment ends, clients can get back to work immediately and/or resume their daily activities.

3. Natural looking results

Clients can see the results after only one session and they typically see significant results after three to six months of treatment. Since Cool Shape Treatment is a non-surgical procedure that freezes fat cells to make those cells fade naturally, it yields natural looking results. This progression makes it easier to keep the treatments as a secret if that is what the clients want!

4. Fat areas are targeted

Rather than overall weight loss, some clients are looking to reduce the fats only in certain areas of their body. Cool Shape Treatment can target and eliminate fats in specific areas of body such as tummy, love handles, arms, thighs, and hips to help clients achieve their ideal body.

5. Long lasting and permanent fat loss

The concept of the Cool Shape Treatment is to kill subcutaneous fat deposits and permanently remove the targeted fat cells. The exposure to cold temperatures causes the death of the fat cells without harming the external skin. This gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The treated fat is gone for good so clients always can see the long-term results after treatment!

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