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A safe, simple and effective solution using the industry’s most cutting edge technology. This method is increasingly popular in Europe and has been shown to provide highly effective and prolong results. Through a small, handheld device, light is transferred to each area of follicles in divided pulses causing the hair to fall out naturally and inhibit future growth. The process is gentle on the skin and eliminates the risk of any nasty side effects. While ice is not needed post-treatment, some enjoy applying cooling leg afterwards for that extra smooth feel of the skin.


We recommend coming in for regular visits for the best possible results from HPPL. The innovative technology makes treatment an absolute breeze, with nothing more than a slight tingling sensation on your skin over a relatively short session. With consistent treatments for chest, underarm, bikini area or full body, your skin will stay smooth as hair is significantly reduced. High Power IPL hair removal treatment will reduce the hair growth and you see effective results after several treatments. 


underarm hair removal - Before
underarm hair removal - After

*Disclaimer – Results may vary based on the individual.

leg hair removal - Before
leg hair removal - After

*Disclaimer – Results may vary based on the individual.


"Thank you Expressions for giving me a wonderful experience! I’m happy with the results! Looking forward to another session of IPL again!"
– Janice Fion, Blogger
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"The whole process was generally painless save for the slight tingling sensation which lasted for a split second upon every zap.”
– Fiona, Blogger
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Can I get IPL treatment on my ears, neck and face?
Suitable for both face and body including eyebrows, ears, neck, underarms, arms, hands, chest, back, stomach, legs and feet. Care should be taken for any treatment near the eyes – dark glasses should be worn at all times as a precaution.

Will HPPL be as effective on white, red or blonde hair?
Because the treatment uses light to target follicles, darker coloured hair responds more strongly to HPPL due to higher levels of melanin. Light brown hair will still see some response, but grey and blonde typically don’t see the same level of improvement.

How long does it take to work?
Those with finer strands will get the fastest results, and will notice and improvement from the first session. Most customers will typically see improvement after at least three sessions and there will be significant hair reduction after 10-20 visits depending on the person.

How many times will I need treatment for thick hair on my legs, back and chest?
We recommend at least 10 and up to 20 sessions to see the best results, as HPPL will inhibit further growth each and every time you get the treatment. Once you start seeing a difference, we continue with HPPL until the skin in the area is completely smooth.

Will my hair continue to grow back?
Some will, but the treatment is quicker as time goes on as regrowth is typically thinner and in less quantity.

Will the results be permanent?
When compared with home IPL treatment, HPPL achieves more effective results. However, clinical studies noted a marked reduction in hair growth when IPL was done on more intense period based on the skin type recommended by the Consultant.

Will there be redness, bumps or other side effects after treatment?
Clinical studies have shown that professional application of HPPL by aestheticians has no lasting side effects on the skin. Some customers may see redness in the treated areas that fades quickly — for extra skin care, we recommend applying cooling cream or ointment at the end of the session.

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