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Award-winning Cool Sculpt/Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment Singapore
Fastest way to lose weight effortlessly & effectively! No More Belly Fat.

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Expressions Award-Winning Brand uses Cool Sculpt to Freeze your Fat away and destroys fat cells using a safe and controlled cooling technology called Cryolipolysis.

Exposure to cooling destroys the fat cells and begins a process of natural removal in the client's body, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The fat cells that are eliminated during the Cool Sculpt freeze and eliminated will not come back. The Cool Sculpt treatment results in a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated areas, and the treated fat is gone for good. On top of the effective slimming treatment, you are also gifted four complimentary Skinny Lollies to encourage faster and better results!

Singapore's Award-winning Cool Sculpt/Fat Freeze Slimming Treatment is the fastest way to lose weight effortlessly & effectively! No More Belly Fat.

Fat Freeze, anti-cellulite & Lymphatic Drainage
Breakdown stubborn fat & Localized Fats
Induce Healthy Oxygen & Blood Circulation
Tightens & Firms

disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual



qiuqiu fat freeze
* disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.

“During my pregnancy I have gained 35 kg. My full tummy area was huge and my stretch marks and loose skin were really visible. I have been a very skinny person before, so this whole change was very big to me. I was worried I could not go back to my original shape; I knew I had to do something and take a first step. So I decided to visit Expressions.

Since my first wellness consultation I understood that they design Slimming for post-natal mothers known as baby belly fat program to reduce excess fat, cellulite, water retention and stretchmarks. I realized that they would use their advanced technologies to help me shape up and that no surgery, pain or important dieting were needed. Their Award fat freeze, cryolipolysis and cryo themo gold gel really work! I was amazed by the fast results. After just one month of treatment I could already see improvements.

Now my stretch marks, baby belly fat and cellulite are finally gone. I also feel my tummy area much more strengthen and toned. My muscle weight has increased burning off excess fat and my biological age dropped!  Thanks to Expressions now I feel much more happy and confident!”

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"Both the day and night tea bags tasted great! I feel really energetic and alert when I drink the day tea bag in the morning like an instant perk-me-up."

Yvette | Blogger

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"...what was amazing about it is that, I could actually feel my tummy toned up by quite a bit! My tummy is less flabby right after the treatment."

Vivian | Blogger

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"I love the experience I had when using My IPL Device as my skin really clear up and improves a lot."

Yvonne | Blogger

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