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Follow these steps to get a V-SHAPE Face!

Whether when you’re showering or when you are pondering,  how to get V-Shape face naturally?

Everybody wants a V-Shape face because back in the olden days, there’s a competition going on whereby challenging one another to see whoever face is sharper.  – I’m just kidding! 

The more V you get, the more attention you have! So what are the ways and secret of having a V-Shape Face?

Face lifting serum or face lifting mask are always the weapon to the secret. However, massaging your face in a V-Shape and circular motion does play a part in our daily regime.



  1. Apply your face lifting serum , use both of your hands and start to push your chin and cheek upwards.(Index and Middle finger ONLY)
  2. Repeat this process 30 times a day. Highly recommended to do it every single day.

Another way of getting a defined v-shape face is to do mouth exercise. We called it, the Oxercise(since you’re opening your mouth and the shape is an ‘O’)

Photo credits: Newyorker

Just like trump, it works well when you’re chewing a gum.

  1. Open your mouth and shape it like an ‘O’ shape
  2. Hold it there and try to open your mouth as big as possible.
  3. Repeat this process 20 times a day. Highly recommended if you do it daily.


Going on a diet is important too! Why? Because when you lose weight, your face tend to be smaller as well.

  1. Try to eat in smaller portion
  2. Take less carbohydrates and fats
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  4. Drink more water as you need to replenish your body fluids
  5. Read this article to lose 3kg in 3 days


Let’s talk about products. Face lifting mask and serum, do they work? YES THEY DO


Photo credits: Tracy Wong, lifestyle blogger in Singapore

Expressions VEE facial mask, based on the sting of the honeybee, purified and used in high concentration will help with skin tightening, stimulate blood flow and collagen production.
Together with the Bee’s natural activate ingredients such as royal jelly and wild honey that are tested and proven to aid cell renewal, whitening and repair skin damage. Achieving healthy and naturally beautiful looking supple skin.
Honey bee venom has been famously known to be exported to Europe and used is many cosmetics products. It has a high concentration of Melittin, a biologically active as a antiviral agent with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect.
GOOD NEWS. Retail Price is at $56 but right now it’s only for $13.90! Click here to get yours! 

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