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As you may have noticed, gold flakes, gels and plating are making their way out of jewelry shops and into our weight loss products, body gels, and cleansers. If you have been wondering, this is a ‘trend’ that will not soon be leaving beauty products. Gold has been proven to purify and detoxify tissue, which has helped to accelerate cleanses, fat burning, and metabolism booster.

One of the most popular new treatments at high-end salons and spas are gold facials. Why? Because it works! Pure gold holds many detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties that allow an increase in blood flow to the contacted area. The increase in blood flow is a small part of the benefits that comes with beautification via pure gold gel, creams, cleansers and facials.

In fact, what brings about the firming and youthful look would actually be the cellular rejuvenation and activation of cellular regeneration, which brings the body to produce new cells and tissue.

I personally was able to receive a pure gold facial the last time I went to the spa, and in my years buying, using and reviewing beauty products I had never seen results that immediate as post-gold-facial.

I looked visibly younger, and these fine lines that I had been very self-conscious about on my forehead were GONE. Not minimized, but completely disappeared, I couldn’t even remember what they looked like or where they exactly went.

In addition to that, I noticed a radiance and lightness where my darker under-eye bags used to be. It was as if I had caught up on my thousand-plus hours of sleep deficit, all in the span of an hour long Pure Gold Facial.

Expressions stands for bringing not only beautification products, but also products that bring health in addition to beauty. They personally select the companies, products, and technology that they bring to their customers because they only bring the latest and the most effective beauty technology.

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