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Guide to a healthy and vibrant skin in a week!

Due to Singapore’s humid weather, our skin couldn’t compromise. At the same time, we’ll get clogged pores, pimples, acnes and blackheads. How can we tackle all these problems naturally with all these tips and tricks? Do you face the problem whereby when the weather is hot, your face is oily but when the weather is cold, your face is dry?

1. Wash your face with a facial cleanser, twice a day!


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Wash your face twice a day. Preferably in the morning and night! With your own specific cleanser, you can actually wash off the dirts that you gathered during the day. Just imagine when you on your way to work, with all those vehicles, exhaust fumes, the air, haze, humans coughing and all those bacterias you gathered, NO. Avoid heavy duty cleanser as well.

2. Consume Supplements

Supplements such as collagens plays a huge part in your daily skin regime. Why Collagen? It is one of the most important support constitute that found naturally in our skin. It helps to maintain the rightful tightness, elasticity and suppleness.

Collagens in Singapore are pretty famous in the beauty and wellness industry. From powder to fluids to tablets, it helps us to obtain and enhance our Vitamin C in our body so that our skin can be healthy and youthful. On the other hand, did you know that collagen can improve your joint and tissue health?

Here’s the breakdown of the benefit of collagens;

  • Firm Sagging Skin
  • Even Out Skin Tone
  • Reduces wrinkle and Fine lines
  • Promote fast healing
  • Help improve scar and pitted skin
  • Minimised dark spot
  • Moisture and Hydrated skin
  • Improve Joint and tendon health
  • Improved skin appearances

Recommended Product: Expressions Collagen Beauty Booster

3. Moisturise regularly


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2-In-1 moisturiser or cream works best! It helps us to prevent from crack, dry, itch and if you don’t moisturise, you’ll tend to age faster. If you wash your face regularly, we highly recommend you to moisturise daily as it fills up the tiny cracks in our skin. If you’re not washing your face regularly, you shouldn’t moisturise as it might lead to blocked pores and acne breakouts due to the thick film of oil.

4. Detox and balanced diet

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Did you know that by having a balanced diet or detox helps to lose weight, removal of toxin in your body, enhance immune system and improve your skin quality? Have you read our “4 Ways to Lose Weight Fast!

Expressions 3 Days Detox Program , a detoxification program is designed to clean out mucus, toxins & other waste material from the intestinal tract and other major organs. (These toxins contribute to excessive weight gains and pollutes the body system.) With Expressions 3 Day Detox, your organs are able to function much more effectively & thus restore new energy for a healthier glow!Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your meal plan as it comes with different vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, D and etc.

Guess what, by consuming dark chocolate, it helps you to hydrate skin and improve circulation as it is rich in cocoa flavanols, plant compounds with antioxidant properties.


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