Hydration Peel

Hydration Peel

A fresh start for younger, smoother and more radiant skin

With Smooth Skin You Always Win

A tailor made treatment that involves thorough cleansing, smoothing and brightening.

The benefits of the Hydration Peel includes the removal of acne and scarring, and improves dull and blemished skin. It effectively results in smooth skin and tightened pores.

The treatment starts with deep cleansing and toning of the skin, including an enzyme peel for further smoothing.

This is suitable for all skin types. Minimal discomfort and no recovery time required.

The solutions used contain naturally occurring compounds that allow for exfoliation and the regrowth of skin cells.

Peeling & Brightening

Softens outer skin, hydrates and brightens.
Main Ingredients: AHA and plant extracts such as rose and lavender.

Exfoliation & Pore Clearing

Smoothes skin and eliminates impurities.
Main ingredients: BHA and plant extracts such as tiger grass and rose.

Nourishing & Re-hydrating

Hydrates and nourishes. Locks in moisture.
Main Ingredients: HA and plant extracts such as tiger grass and peppermint.

The Hydration Peel is clinically proven to target
the signs of ageing and uneven skin tone.

This pioneering precision treatment uses layers of enzymes for powerful exfoliation and renewal that creates a fresh start for younger looking and more radiant skin.


Refines skin texture

Reduces pigmentation

Evens out skin discolouration

Smoothens wrinkle lines

$128* + Face Assessment

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