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Losing weight? You’re doing it wrong!

People tend to lose weight by going on a strict diet or exercise every single day. Guess what? You’re doing it, the wrong way.


Our body do contain toxins from ingesting the food that we eat and drink and from our cells producing them as waste. These toxins can build up over time and may lead to things like digestive issues, skin problems, and may even lead to weight gain. With detoxification, it helps to reduce and cleanse the toxins that are inside you. When you’re reading this, ask yourself, how much toxins do you think you have inside you right now?

As mentioned from our previous article, 4 Ways To Lose Weight Fast! , we talked about detoxification, a 3 day detox program that helps you to cleanse your toxins effortlessly and lose up to 3kg!

Expressions 3 Days Detox Program, a detoxification program is designed to clean out mucus, toxins & other waste material from the intestinal tract and other major organs. (These toxins contribute to excessive weight gains and pollutes the body system.) With Expressions 3 Day Detox, your organs are able to function much more effectively & thus restore new energy for a healthier glow!



Watch how to actually prepare the 3 Days Detox for yourself and be ready to shed 3KG in 3 DAYS!

Another way to detox is to try out Expressions Wellness Detonix-S program!

Check out SweetMemoirs‘s experience with Expressions Wellness energize-S as she got her thigh gaps back!

What is Detonix-S Detoxification and Slimming System

Detonix-S Detoxification and Slimming System is a Revolutionary Treatment for Body Contouring regime. Detonix-S uses a patented formula cream which is activated by the multi-polar Thermal Blanket to provide you a safe, pleasant, and relaxing experience to achieve the contour you desire.

With Detonix and Tonic Wrap, the body will once restore its healthy glow and regain its youthfulness as cellulite, toxin and waste are all dramatically reduced.

Detonix works through increasing micro-circulation, activating energy meridians, balancing cellular energy and expelling toxins all through natural, safe and healthy way.

Be amazed that in just one session, you will lose up to 3kg, burn up to 4,000 calories and sweat up to 1 litre. How did it happen? This is because, throughout the treatment, the size of the cells and fat content in each cell is reduced. The Detonix method attacks cellulite by forcing the body to burn excessive fats stored in adipocytes. This excessive fuel will eject water and toxic through the surface of the skin. The smaller adipocytes open up lymph stunner to allow valuable nutrients hormone to the epidermis as well as removing away toxins and waste.

Thus, what you can see from the result of Detonix with Tonic Wrap is not only a decrease in fat but also detoxification on the cellular level, as well as a “reprogramming” of the cells, blood flow, and the entire nervous system. Unwanted gasses, body odor, chronic pain and inflammation will all be improved once detoxification starts, leaving a good effect on current health condition and maintaining a healthy body will also help to prevent future problem.

Pro5S puts together an unusual combination of Detonix and latest state of the art technology; vibrations from a low-frequency acoustic waves with Ozone Therapy, Infra Red Light and Laser techniques for therapeutic enhancement in wellness and beauty. This unique technology, coupled with Expressions’ professional, yet personalized touches rejuvenate the body and energise the mind.

Each technique combats a specific problem area and the range of applications from the combination – which are non-invasive and painless – has far-reaching effects on face, body, aesthetics and total wellness.

The specially engineered formula arising from the combination of low acoustic, pressure waves breaks down stubborn fats and cellulite, eliminates toxins for improvement in blood circulation for the formation of new collagen for better skin elasticity. The result – enhanced svelte silhouette and improved skin texture.

“After completing the program, I got a lot more than just a trimmer figure. I gained a new sense of confidence and a healthier attitude to living. So confident, in fact, that I can wear whatever I like without feeling shy or embarrassed. I even wear shorts on weekends, which I never used to do!” said Shirley Tsoi, a successful and satisfied Expressions’ customer who had lost 20kg in total.

The body is now cleansed with Detonix and Tonic Wrap plus Pro5S for body sculpting you will reap the full benefits of it. Weighty issue no more and what you get is a well toned body figure with inches taken off from arms, waist, hips and thighs. Coupled with a balanced diet, regular exercise and healthy sleep patterns, Detonix with Tonic Wrap will offer you a path to a healthy, happy and confident self.

If you’re keen to try out the treatment, head over to to book your appointment today!





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