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HPPL known as High Power Intense Pulse Light offers a safe, simple and effective solution using the industry’s most cutting edge technology. This method is increasingly popular in Europe and has been shown to provide highly effective, prolong results. The High Power Intense Pulse light is transferred to each area of follicles in divided pulses causing the hair to fall out naturally and inhibit future growth. The process is gentle on the skin and eliminates the risk of any nasty side effects. No ice and No Gel is not needed post-treatment, some enjoy applying cooling leg afterwards for that extra smooth feel of the skin.

Enjoy Smooth Skin Every Day

We recommend coming in for regular visits for the best possible results from HPPL. The innovative technology makes treatment an absolute breeze, with nothing more than a slight tingling sensation on your skin over a relatively short session. With consistent treatments for chest, underarm or full body IPL hair removal in Singapore, your skin will stay smooth as hair is significantly reduced. High Power IPL hair removal treatment will reduce the hair growth and you see effective results after several treatments.



Step 1
Place the probe on affected area.
Step 2
Green and blue light will emit and the melanin in the hair absorbs the intense light and changes it into intense heat.
Step 3

Heat spreads to nearby structures by contact and damage the cells of hair follicle.

Step 4

The hair from the follicle is destroyed and fall off.



IPL Long Lasting Hair Removal Before
IPL Long Lasting Hair Removal After
disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.

ipl long lasting hair removal back before
ipl long lasting hair removal back after
disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.


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