100% Pure Argan Oil

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Tresor 100% Natural Organic Argan Oil from France [TOBO11021]



Discover the treasure of beauty oil and witness the transformation of the natural blend infuse your skin and hair with youth. It is non invasive and non expensive.
It is a precious beauty oil. When applied to hair, it helps to transform and rebuild your damaged, dry and fizzy hair with its rich Vitamin E. After application, you will feel your hair have turned into silk-smooth that get rid of your bad hair day. When applied on skin, it helps to nourish and moisturize your delicate skin and keep them smooth and youthful at all times.

Main Benefits

  • Suitable for all skin and hair types
  • Hydrates, soften, nourish and moisturize your skin
  • Helps to clear skin acne
  • Creates the shiny, soft and silky hair
  • 100% organic and pure
  • Important directly from France as it is Made in France

Argan Oil brings us plenty of beauty benefits which includes: 

  • Anti-Aging
    Collagen production improves visibility and firming of skin, helping to soften the look of emerging lines and wrinkles. Day by day, your skin’s natural barrier will become more resilient.
  • Suppleness and Youthfulness
    Argan oil, the miracle natural beauty oil, helps to energize the skin’s repair process. After application, your skin will glow from inside, enhancing your radiance.
  • Brightening
    Argan oil helps to brighten skin complexion and beautify skin after some usage. It provides a satiny sensation to the skin and fights drying skin. It helps to keep your skin nourished all day long, relax and maximum comfort.


“I use Tresor Argan Oil on my face and it gives me a feel of refreshing and moisturized. It feels like my skin have soaked up a huge glass of water and it felt smooth and hydrated.” – Customer A

“I’ve completed converted into natural oil lover when it comes to moisturzing my skin. I love to use it during the night time after shower.” – Customer B

“I apply the Tresor Argan Oil on my chapped lips to restore and repair them. A few drops of Argan oil twice a day helps in the damage repair.” – Customer C


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