*1 For 1* 6 Heads Pro-Peeling/Blackheads Suction Device + FREE 10ml peeling gel


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Expressions Blackheads suction vacuum device is the easiest and effective way to get rid of Blackheads/Whiteheads/acne. Get yours now!
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Blackheads Suction



– Diamond Dermabrasion Machine x 1

– Power Supply Adapter x 1

– Packet Cotton Filter x 1

– Packet Filter sponge x 1

– Bag x 1

– 3 pcs of different degree of thickness diamond header

– 3 pcs of different size vacuum suction blackhead header

– 2 Filter components

– 1 Detailed English Instructions Manual



#Small diamond (D150) tips use in delicate and sensitive parts of the skin (around the eye)

#Middle diamond (D180) tips use in face and neck.
#Big diamond (D220) tips use in rough skin and wrinkle parts (such as the body, elbow and knee).

Product Description 

Diamond Dermabrasion makes use of a patented diamond dermabrasion tube, combined with inlaid diamond
particles of different thickness of the diamond carved heads. With the instruments, rubbing back and forth to control the intensity of vacuum suction. The skin worn a shallow layer, non- invasive, shallow dermabrasion physical nature.

This kind of purely physical, mechanical principles does not irritate the skin with a mild advantage. It is suitable for very sensitive skin. The suction size and thickness of the miniature diamond dermabrasion control shades. It’s less of irritating and after the procedure would not have to take care of the wound. It is not easy to have a pigmentation or redness of skin problems, and does not have a crystal particle when operating scattered residual problem, the whole process is very clean and safe.


Microdermabrasion helps teenagers to reduce acne scars and decrease acne breakouts. Also, helps adults to reduce signs of aging.


 3 KEY Factors:


Why you should buy?

Microdermabrasion treatment is to improve the overall appearance of your skin. When you consistently use a microdermabrasion device, it helps to decrease wrinkles, scars, fine lines, age spots and sun damage. You can find a local dermatologist or medical spa that offers microdermabrasion treatments but it can be quite expensive on a regular basis. One of the most effective ways to do microdermabrasion on your skin is by purchasing one at home because the one-time payment is much cheaper than paying for multiple appointments at a clinic.   



– Improve the skin’s pigmentation disorder, shallow pock youth, age spots, rough skin after sun expose and aging facial lines.
– Promote skin renewal and smooth skin immediately after procedure.
– Helps to replenish natural nutrients, Restore cell activity, and promote healthy skin.
– Making skin activation, repair and regeneration.
– Acne skin treatment.
– Treatment for dry skinwrinkle, sagging skin and skin hyperpigmentation.



*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.





1. Small, Lightweight, Easy to Carry
2. Double filtration device, easy to clean and prevent obstruction into the interior of the machine effectively.
3. Convenient for home use and portable
4. Double filtration device, Easy to Clean
5. Prevent the obstruction into the interior of the machine effectively.
6. No-invasive treatment, No excitability, No stabbing pain, No need to anesthetize.
7. Suitable for all type of skin.

8. By physical micro dermabrasion, easily controlled, no side effect, safety.



In the beginning, do microdermabrasion treatments on a weekly basis until you experience the desire results. Then decrease the frequency to once a month, where it is sufficient for maintenance on an on-going basis.

Steps to Do Microdermabrasion at Home

(Follow specific instructions given in the package to ensure you protect the health of your skin)

Here are the basic steps that should be followed:

1. First of all, cleanse the skin using a gentle cleanser that is oil-free.

2. Pat the skin dry with a towel and allow your face to air dry completely (device will not work as well if skin is clammy).

3. Once skin is dry, turn on the microdermabrasion machine and treat the skin. Use free hand to pull the skin tight then gently rub the head of machine on skin. Do not do more than 1 or 2 time on the same spot.

4. After treated the whole area, turn off the microdermabrasion device then finish the treatment with a few skin care products. It is better to use a toner immediately after the treatment because toner balances skin’s pH levels. After tonner, put moisturizer to keep the skin moisture and prevent over drying. In addition, you can also do ultrasonic import or use whitening preparations, with ice compress, where the result will be better.



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