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Expressions Breast Massager is able to attract the fatty cells in the blood stream and accumulate them in the breast area, making them larger, fuller and more attractive. On top of that, since this breast enhancement pump will attract fatty cells from other parts of the body and accentuate them in the breast areas, it’ll produce a certain degree of slimming effect while developing the breast size you desire.


  • Firm and shape up your bust area
  • Strengthen skin collagen & structures
  • Prevent sagging breasts and breast lumps
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Regulate female hormones


Breast Enhancer Massager

bust massager


The breast enhancer massager is unique which helps to activate the cells at your thighs, buttocks, abdomen and other parts of your body which helps to firm and tighten them up. The sucking and massaging action transmit the light and any cream used during treatment to the inner layer of your skin to enhance the smoothness and repair the cellulite or loose skin.

When used on bust area, ladies can achieve fuller and firmer breasts and enhanced flexibility which provide a youthful look. Blood circulation will also be promoted to rebalance the endocrine disorder, preventing any risk of breast lumps.

It is best used with Expressions Bust Secret Cream to see faster and effective results. Expressions Bust Secret Cream helps to resculpt and firm your bust area to help your bust to regain natural support and volume. The combination of the key ingredients Pueraria Lobata and Soy Extact restructures and increase the elasticity of skin, resulting in smooth and strengthened skin, offering your finish look a rejuvenated and youthful appearance with an increase contour and curve of your bust line.

Average time taken to see visible results

  • 5 days - 1 inch of growth
  • 10 days - 2 inches of growth
  • 20 days - 4 inches of growth

Suitable age range to use

  • 12 - 18 years old (breast development period); Breast Enhance Massager helps the breast to develop
  • 19 - 29 years old (breast slow period); Breast Enhance Massager helps to adjust the function of the breast to further enhance the breast growth
  • 29 - 38 years old (breast recession); Breast Enhance Massager helps to prevent breast organizational function degradation and atrophy of lesions, implementation of functional reconstruction of the breast

Direction to use

1. You have to take a shower before using the product so that to ensure your skin is cleansed to enhance the metabolism rate during the treatment for optimum results.
2. Ensure yourself to be fully relaxed when using the product. You can listen to music while doing the treatment to keep yourself calm and relax.
3. When starting the treatment, turn on the absorption switch and adjust it to the high strength.
4. Adjust the intensity to the level that the absorption force compact your breast before your bust is encircled. Then, retreat by a segment towards the low direction.
5. You should feel that your bust is being absorbed and released. Prolong usage, you will see the bust enhancement results in no time.
6. After the treatment, clean the Breast Enhance Massager with water or alcohol and keep it when it is dried up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe?
    There are many studies and tests done and there are no damage or risks been detected or found. Tension-induced growth has been used for over 40 years in other areas of the body and there are no side effects or health risks reported.
  • Is it painful during the process of the treatment?
    No, there are no pain or discomfort during the treatment.
  • Are there any side effects?
    There are no known side effects. The only effect shown is the growth of your bust area.
  • Can I use the Breast Enhancer Massager for one hour everyday?
    Unfortunately, that is not recommended. The recommended usage is 30 minutes per day. You can increase the frequency of the amount of treatments weekly to see faster results but not extend the usage time.

Additional information

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None, Bust Secret Cream (30ml)

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None, Lavender Cream Mask


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