Cleanse and Tone Facial Kit


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Hydrating Cleansing Milk + Hydrating Floral Fresh [CSET001]

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Without your continued support, Expressions will not be here providing services and products to suit your beauty, health and wellness needs. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal support for 27 years !

In this special event, Expressions’ 27th anniversary, we will be introducing special bundles and services at the price of $27 only! Celebrate this joyous occasion with us!

In this special package, you will get one Expressions Hydrating Cleansing Milk and one Expressions Hydrating Floral Fresh (U.P $72).

Expressions Hydrating Milk CleanserExpressions Hydrating Milk Cleanser is a naturally mild, creamy cleanser that helps to effectively hydrate your skin while it cleanses, leaving your skin to be soft, supple, balance and refreshing. It helps to strip off gentle makeup as well, without stripping off your natural skin hydration. Key ingredients such as Sweet Almond and Soya Bean Oils nourishes your dry and dehydrated skin while Ylang Ylang helps to improve skin elasticity, comfort your irritated skin and soothen it.

Key Ingredients
Arbutin, Ylang Ylang Extract, Niacinamide, Geranium Extract, Potassium Laureth, Lauryl Glucoside

Ylang Ylang extract is one of the favourite in the essential oil range as it is rich in natural floral fragrance. It helps to control oil production and minimize breakouts. Ylang Ylang extract also enhance the process of regenrating skin cells, smoothen fine line and improve skin elasticity to boost and maintain the youthfulness of your skin.

Geranium essential extract, one of the key ingredient in Expressions Hydrating Milk Cleanser helps to regulate your skin’s oil production and further prevent acne breakouts. It tighten your skin without compromising your hydration level and improves your skin elasticity as well. Prolong usage, you can notice a reduction of the wrinkles appearance too!


Expressions Floral Fresh can be used as a toner to deep cleanse, refresh your skin and prep your skin to better absorb the later skincare products.

It helps to tone and relax your skin tone by regenerating your dull and devitalised skin. It is ultra gentle to which made it to be suitable for all skin types; dry, dehydrated, sensitive, normal, combination, oily and acne-prone skin.

With it’s anti-aging effect, it contain the retentive effect of tissues which helps to prevent wrinkles and swipe off the marks of fatigue. After usage, you will realise your skin is hydrated, refreshed and given a new glow. You can pour it to a spray bottle and carry it around with you. Spray it at anytime, anywhere to keep your skin moisturized at all times!

Key Ingredients
Rose Rugosa Flower and Rose Maroc, Obsolete, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pathenol, Shea Butter


Vee mask 

Main Benefits

Expressions VEE facial mask, based on the sting of the honeybee, purified and used in high concentration will help with skin tightening, stimulate blood flow and collagen production.
Honey bee venom has been famously known to be exported to Europe and used is many cosmetics products. Thanks to its high concentration of Melittin, a biologically active as a antiviral agent with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, the Vee-Mask helps reducing acne and spots.
Ingredients such as royal jelly and wild honey that are tested and proven to aid cell renewal, whitening and repair skin damage. Achieving healthy and naturally beautiful looking supple skin.

  • V-Face Lifting
  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti-Aging
  • Spot and Acne Clearance

24K spider gold serum 

Expressions Spider Gold Serum have been well loved by many customers. After facial treatment, many of them felt younger and skin is tightened, revealing the youthful radiance in them. Expressions Spider Gold Serum also helps to lock in skin moisture level, protect and prevent it from dehydration and dryness. The excellent moisture locking capability can hold up to 72 hours. Spider Gold is a specially formulated facial treatment that utilises natural ingredients obtained from the Spiderweb. The extracted proteins contain 10 amino acids, with skin-lifting, anti-aging and whitening components that will help you achieve on all-round good skin complexion.
> Minimises Pores
> Refines & Lightens Acne Scars
> Increases Skin Elasticity
> Improves Blood Circulation
> Smoothens Fine Lines & Wrinkles
> Reduces & Lightens Pigmentation and Age Spots



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