E-MIC Home Eye Care Device | Brighten Your Eyes | Beautify Your Life | [EMIC0011]

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Home EMS Beauty Device ( eMic )

Microcurrent stimulate circumocular acupoints accurately, drive the cells around acupoints motion, activate cell activity, promote eyes micro-circulation, so relieve and relax eyes and reach the effect of black eyes reduction, eye bag elimination and wrinkle treatment by helping demis collagen regrow and restore elasticity.

Eye Pads utilize released heat energy and micro current to help eyes mask’s collagen protein in decompose and permeate, to best achieve the effect of collagen mask, relax eyes rapidly, promote eyes microcirculation and greatly strengthen the effect and comfort of eyes beauty treatment.



1) Not suitable for pregnant women, menstrual period use it with cautions

2) Not suitable for people with heart disease, coronary heart disease, thyroid gland, high blood pressure, diabetes, body with hearing AIDS, heart pacemaker and heart mechanical etc.

3. Not suitable for the people who suffered from glaucoma, skin cancer and systemic lupus erythematosus.

4. If the skin injected with clostridium botulinum, hyaluronic acid, or gold silk plants, please use the appliance after 3 or 6 months since the injection time.

5. Not suitable for the people with hormone therapy, or suffered from nervous system disease.

6. Don’t use during skin allergy period and also current sensitive people with cautions.

7. Not suitable for the people with skin lesions, or severe acne, eyes disease; don’t use it with wearing contact lens.

8. Not intended for use by people under 18 years.

9. The treated skin should be healthy.

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