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BiOrigine Detox Tea [BIOR07002]



Expressions BiOrigine Tea


BiOrigine Tea is manufactured from France and it is the excellent tea/detox to achieve a flatter tummy, appease appetite, boost metabolism, detoxify and cleanse your inner body system as well as create a good head start before or in conjunction with your slimming journey.

Tired of not getting the results you wish out of slimming products?

Failing yet and again to slim down to your ideal weight?

Fret no more. Drink BiOrigine Tea to uncover the slimming secret of petite French ladies! Consisting organic French herbals, one tea-bag infusion would yield a cup of hot, fragrant tea that promotes necessary chemical reactions for slimming!

It contains the Day and Night tea sachets that brings you different focus.

Day Tea Pack

A special formulation of verbena, mint, sweet orange created to maximize the flat belly effects. It reduce water retention in your body and boost your metabolism rate. Mint leaves is included to keep you refresh for the day time and boost your energy and concentration level to keep you energised for your day activities.

Night Tea Pack

For the Night cleanse Tea pack, one of the key leaves used is green tea. The leaves of green tea helps to burn and eliminate the fats and toxins in your body that you have accumulated.

BiOrigine Tea contains 100% organic ingredients, provide cleansed inner body system results, delicious flavour and it is easy to use !


Directions to use


BiOrigine Tea slimming solution works in two simple steps :

1) Morning Boost blend contains verbena, mint, and sweet orange. This concoction would boost your metabolism and improve bowel movements, reduce bloating and excess liquid retention in different cell layers in your body.

2) Night Cleanse blend contains green tea leaves that are known to work overnight to burn stubborn fatty cells. It also boost your metabolism overnight so you could pass waste materials easily in the morning.

Each box contains 30 sachets for 30 delicious, fat-burning tea infusion!



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1 review for BiOrigine Tea (30 sachets) | Organic Detox Tea

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    This tea is almost like a life saver because it helps to reduce water retention in the body too and every morning I wake up feeling lighter. Though there is no obvious weight loss, I felt that this tea helps to curb appetite and prevents weight gain. It is perfect for those who is maintaining a healthy weight. I could drink this almost every day as a health tea. It’s definitely more than just a slimming or detox tea for sure.

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