V-Lifting Facial Treatment (Service Voucher)

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V-Face Lifting and firming facial treatment which redefines facial contours. Beside the facial protcol, we add in the cutting edge technology V lift with digital mircon needles/needless treatment smoothes the features, your face looks finer and the look of a double chin is reduced. Skin is replenished, plumped and your complexion more radiant and luminous.

Main Benefits


*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.

How it Works

Deep cleansing to remove impurities

Use Oxy Jet to spray onto the face to prepare the skin to Refresh for Oxygen and Mircon needles treatment (optional)

Hands on lymphatic drainage light massage on the face and neck area to release the tension and Face puffiness

Use Cromolight blue color for uneven tone/sagging skin (optional)

Mircon Needless will be use to glide thru the whole to ensure full rejuvenation and do expect tingling sensation during the treatment

Formulated essence will be applied to the face to ensure skin protection, hydration, whitening and moisturing

Customised Vee Mask application to suit personal skin type
Application of SPF 50++ cream for sun protection


Additional information


1 Sessions


Orchard, Thomson


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