Fat Feeze slimming 2 months treatment

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Men Expressions Fat Freeze 2 month treatment

Men Expressions’ Fat Freeze treatment uses a patented cold technology known as Cryo-Lipolysis. Fat Freeze Cryo-Lipolysis  combats fat effectively through transdermic delivery, selectively targeting fat cells, causing crystallisation and breaking down fat solids which are then released. The released fats and naturally processed out from the body

2 Month Treatment includes:

  • 12 Sessions Fat Freeze for stubborn fats (U.P. $1200)
  • 30 days (worth $50) DIY Detox Programme
  • 15 Sessions of CromoRay Fat Reductor Treatment (U.P. $1500)
  • Free 1 Slimjuice drink
  • Expressions Product Vouchers (worth $50)
  • Selection of treatments:
    • Upper abdominal    
    • Love handle right
    • Love handle left
    • Lower abdominal    
    • Thigh right
    • Thigh left
    • Arms (left & right)
  • CromoRay fat treatment can also be used together 5 treatments per visit
  • Multiple purchases of vouchers as gifts allowed

Ken Seah (Before & After)

*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.



Stay fit and Trim with Men Expressions’ fat-busting treatment Fat Freeze, a non-invasive solution for faster and longer-lasting Fat loss.

Men are realising that they too can reap the benefits of the age-defying effects of body shaping. Fat freeze)targets fat cells, which are more sensitive to cooling than other cells of the skin and tissue. After the fat cells are frozen, they get broken down and are eliminated like other body waste products.

The fat freeze treatment can be treated include the tummy/belly, love handles, thighs, arms, hips, back of body.

For best results, pair the treatment with Isogei, a non-surgical lifting procedure that applies isometric contractions via electric currents to firm slackened muscles and tissues and increase muscular strength and metabolism.

John Lee

*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe?

Yes.  Fat Freeze Cryo-Lipolysis uses cold energy around 12 minutes for each area. Customer should adhere to drinking two glass of water before  treatments and after treatments 8 glasses of water.

How many treatments will I need?

Most customers will see significant results and weight loss after 1-2 treatments, treatments can be done three times a week.
Studies show an average of up 22% fat reduction after 1 treatment. Customers can see best results after 10-20 treatments.

Is it painful?

Most patients find it to be a very comfortable treatment. No anesthesia is required.

Is there any downtime?

This is a completely non-invasive treatment. Unlike liposuction, there are no injections or cuts involved. You can expect to return to your usual activities immediately after treatment. There is usually no significant downtime, although sometimes mild redness, swelling and bruising may occur which usually resolves quickly.

Terms and Conditions

  • Voucher purchased is not refundable as it is an exclusive online promotion.
  • Promotion price is only valid for online purchase.
  • Service voucher is only valid from the date of purchase.
  • Each type of service voucher is only limited to one redemption per NRIC.
  • Valid for first-time customers / customers who have not visited Expression the past 6 months. Age 18 and above only.
  • Type of service, duration of service and number of treatments are not changeable.
  • All the treatments have to be completed within one month (1 month service voucher) or two months (2 months service voucher) starting from the date of first treatment.
  • We recommend to do 5 sessions per visit to achieve optimum results.
  • Service Voucher promotion is not valid with other promotions and discounts.
  • There is no hidden cost in the service voucher unless the customer decides to upgrade the package.
  • Reservation is required.
  • Advance booking of 1 – 2 weeks is recommended for weekends or peak-hour slots.
  • Customer has to present NRIC/valid pass and printed voucher on arrival.


Orchard Studio | 6735 7586

Thomson Studio | 6513 1444

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Thomson, Orchard

Selection of treatment

upper abdominal, Love handle right, Love handle left, Lower abdominal, Thigh right, Thigh left, Arm(left/right)


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