Parents’ day Imperial classic Bird Nest super deal [BUND096]

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Mother’s day Imperial classic Bird Nest


Surprise your parents with Imperial Bird Nest Super Deal

Imperial Bird Nest included

A) Bird Nest

Free : 2 pcs Snow lotus mask 


For long last eternal beauty takes Bird Nest twice a week, plus daily 2 capsules of Expressions Collagen to maintain youthful and flawless


Package Includes:
Collagen protein bird’s nest drinks (10 packs/box, 12grams/pack).

1 pack of Wolfberry (able to use 10 times).

Fish collagen: 4g
Bird’s nest: 2g
Colla Corii Asini: 1g
Pueraria: 1g
Tremella polysaccharide: 1g
Isomaltooligosaccharide: 1g
Rock sugar: 2g
Boost your beauty skin
Firmer breast
Fairer and Flawless Skin
Improve health

Stimulate blood circulation


Prepare a pack of bird’s nest collagen.
Pour 100ml of hot water and wait for 5 minutes.
You may add in own preferences like yogurt, milk and other fruit juice.
Take Note:

Do not add boiled water and fruits together, as it will affect the water temperature and fruits will turn sour in high temperature.*

Caution: Not suitable for Children/Infant

Snow Lotus Mask
( Click the photo below for more information )


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