MY IPL 350000 SHOTS | Skin Rejuvenation | Pore Scar Reduction [IPL002]


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Special Recommendation
Retail Price: $329
Promotion Price: $199 (*total: 350,000 shots)
Expressions My IPL

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Expressions My IPL For
Skin Rejuvenation
SuperValue Only $199
Long lasting with 350,000 Shots!!!

Instructions for Using My IPL

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SuperValue Packages:

Standard Package
IPL Machine + Hair Removal (350,000 Shots) – $199
IPL Machine + Skin Rejuvenation (350,000 Shots) – $209
IPL Machine + Acne Clearance (350,000 Shots) – $209

Premium Package (A)
IPL Machine + Hair Removal  + Acne Clearance  – $309

Premium Package(B)
IPL Machine + Hair Removal+ Skin Rejuvenation  – $309

Premium Package(C)
IPL Machine + Acne Clearance + Skin Rejuvenation – $319

Luxury Package (UP.$419, NOW 10% OFF)
IPL Machine + Hair Removal  + Acne Clearance  + Skin Rejuvenation  – $378

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Delivery Time : Average 1-3 working days
(*latest by 3-5 working days depend on courier services delivery)

Service Center Warranty: 6 Months

1-1 exchange in case of manufacturer’s defects
is available within 7 days upon receipt of product

Please Go to Our Service center
@Orchard @Thomson
for Free Consultancy and Service

* Orchard Service Center (Regency House)
– 121 Penang Road #01-02 Singapore 238464
– 6235 9890 / 6735 7586

* Thomson Service Center (Thomson Imperial Court)
– 200 Upper Thomson Road #01-09 Singapore 545078
– 6358 1555

Customer Comments


1. What if redness appears on my skin during the treatment process?

During the treatment process, slight redness is ly normal.
If you notice strong redness, it might be due to your skin not adjusting well to the energy level. Fret not, apply a coolant or refreshing substances and reduce the energy level (if you’re using a high energy level).
If the redness persists, immediately stop the treatment and apply ICE PACKS and/or aloe vera to the skin.

2. What if I have moles (or other mole-alike) on my skin?

Simply cover with surgical tapes and you’re good to go!

3. Should I wash my face before using My IPL?

Yes. First, clean your skin with mild cleanser. Next, clean the area of treatment with cool clean water. Lastly, cool the skin with ICE CUBES wrapped in a towel.

4. How does IPL works for Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Freckles?

The light transmission reaches the deep layer of the cell where melanin is produced; causing the melanin to disperse. The skin becomes smoother as new collagen and new skin cells grow.

Additional information


Standard Package A: Hair Removal [IPLs001B], Standard Package B: Acne Clearance [IPLS003B], Standard Package C: Skin Rejuvenation [IPLS002B], Premium Package A: Hair Removal + Skin Rejuvenation [IPLP005B], Premium Package B: Hair Removal + Acne Clearance [IPLP004B], Premium Package C: Skin Rejuvenation + Acne Clearance [IPLP006B], Luxury Package: Hair Removal + Skin Rejuvenation + Acne Clearance [IPLL007B]


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