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In this exclusive Lavender Slimming Bundle (Fat Burner), you will receive the following products:
Lavender Slimming Oil (200ml)
Formula 2 (90 capsules)

These duo products gives you a perfect combination to shape, contour and firm up your body while aiding your slimming journey if you are embarking on a slimming program.

Expressions Lavender Slimming Massage Oil helps to tone and firm up the flabby skin as well as to combat fatigue and stress. The special formulation contain great properties that helps to detoxify, break down cellulite and contour the body.

In 1930s and 40s, film stars use grapefruit and juniper berries as their beauty secrets for slimming. It is excellent for daily usage, day and night. Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil helps to enhance blood circulation through deep-tissue massages and can be used in conjunction with thermal blanket treatments or any other slimming treatments. You will find it amazing on how Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil is not oily nor greasy despite it being an oil based product. Try Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil and you will know what we mean! That’s one of the main reason why our loyal customers love our Lavender Slimming Oil. Expressions Lavender Massage Oil contains a very potent blend of natural fruit oils that helps to break down excess fat and stubborn cellulite build-up. This combination of oil acts as a diuretic which helps to minimize water retention in the body.

Main Benefits

  • Detoxification
    Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil is extremely safe and effective in elimination of harmful substances or waste materials accumulated in your body.
  • Facilitates lymphatic drainage
    Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil efficiently remove excess fats and stubborn cellulite that have built up over time. It also prevents your body to accumulate the fatty tissues.
  • Get rid of saggy skin and firm up them
    Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil helps to tone, contours, firm and tighten your muscles to prevent and reduce flabbiness and slackness of your fatty tissues.
  • Reduction in stretch marks
    Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil helps to diminish the visibility and appearance of stretch marks and scar tissues by nourishing and softening the dry and damaged skin cells.

Direction to use

  • For Massage Purpose:
    You can use it for full body massage or specific area massage. It is good to pair up with any type of massage!
  • For Body Care Purpose:
    Apply Expressions Lavender Slimming Oil with broad circular movements all over the body.
  • For Slimming Purpose:
    Apply on the target areas such as tummy, thighs or love handle (the areas you want to slim, firm and contour) and use a cling wrap and wrap it for 1 hour. Afterwards, use a thick blanket to cover for more effective results.

Expressions Formula 2 Herbal Cellulite Solution is formulated with pure organic active natural ingredients. Our propriety blend is made suitable for vegetarians as well, Formula 2 helps to suppress diet or binge eating urges. It also aids the dissipation of excess fat around the heart and other vital organs, through enhancement of metabolism rate and minimization of cravings.


  • Helps in breaking down of cellulite
  • Elimination of body waste materials
  • Reduction of water retention
  • Increasing blood circulation and appetite appeasements



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