LRB Anti-Oxidant Whitening Treatment Cleanser

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LRB, full term known as La Rose Blanche PARIS, is a cosmetic beauty brand in paris which aims to dedicate their products to tackle on skin and body concerns by healing the inside, restoring inner wellness and effectively radiates on the outside.

LRB Anti-Oxidant Whitening Treatment Cleanser is a mild cleanser with anti-oxidants that perfectly removes your makeup and impurities. With it’s neutral formulation with a pH level 5.5, it protects the natural balance of your skin moisture for a pleasant sensation of softness and optimum comfort. Prolong usage, you can see a reduction of your dark pigmentation and a beautiful radiant complexion. With LRB Anti-Oxidant Whitening Treatment Cleanser, your skin will definitely be cleaned with a brighter and more translucent glow.

Main Benefits

  • Removes dirt and makeup without irritating the skin
  • Increase radiance and brighten your complexion
  • Soften and soothen your inflammed and sensitive skin
  • Prevent skin aging
  • Promote translucent skin and inner glow

Key Ingredients

  • Selenium and Vitamin E as a powerful anti oxidant that brings you the benefit of anti-aging.
  • Essential Mineral Complex to protect, repair and moisturize your skin
  • Ginseng Extract to tone and soothe your skin
Directions to use
As it comes with duo benefit, you may ask how should you use it.
  • For make up remove purpose, you can apply LRB Anti-Oxidant Whitening Treatment Cleanser onto your face and neck directly. Massage it in circulation motion and use a tissue to gently wipe it off.
  • For cleansing purpose, you can mix LRB Anti-Oxidant Whitening Treatment Cleanser with water and cleanse your face. Gently massage them in circular motions to give it a deep cleanse.



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