1-For-1 Women’s Expressions Milia Seeds/ Oil Clog (Service Voucher)

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Milia Seeds / Oil Clog Service

Milia Seeds/ Oil Clog Service Voucher*Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual.

Have you always been troubled by the small lumps or bumps on your face? Pimples is one of our enemy in skincare but there is also this other monster nightmare, which are the Milia Seeds and Oil Clogs! Milia Seeds are usually developed or found on our nose, cheeks and eyes area at around 2mm in width. Milia seeds are made up with keratin. Although they are painless, it is extremely persistent too! It causes skin to be uneven and rough, and it seems to be on your face forever unless you seek professional help.

Fret no more! Expressions Milia Seeds and Oil Clog Removal Facial Treatment is painless and is here to help you get rid of them and achieve a flawless and youthful skin with no surgery required!

Details of the service voucher:

Milia Seeds / Clog Treatment (U.P. $ 230)

  • 1st Session, get 2 milia removed and 2nd Session get another 2 milia. (4 Milia can be removed in one (1) visit
  • Free Aloe Vera Cooling and Hydrating Gel
  • Terms and Conditions apply

Main Benefits
  • Safe, comfortable and effective treatment to treat skin problems for both women and men.
  • No surgery, medication, scar, side effect and downtime when using Advance Electrolysis or Diamond Derma system to remove all difficult spots.
  • Sterilised disposable needle to ensure personal hygiene and safety.
  • Treatments conducted by highly-trained senior aestheticians.
  • Specifically catered for the removal of oil clogs, small brown moles, skin tags, Milia Seeds, whiteheads and black heads.

Before and After results

Milia Seeds/ Oil Clog Service Voucher

*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the duration of the treatment?
    The time taken to treat any of these conditions will depend on the size, number and nature of the problem. It is important that the area treated is not ‘overworked’, therefore treatments are spaced out at regular intervals. Most of the time, whole treatment can range from one, two treatments to five or more depending on the situation.
  • What are blackheads?
    Blackheads are often referred to as open comedones and they develop in the same way that whiteheads develop. Unlike whiteheads, however, blackheads are much larger and remain open. When pores are open, they may become clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. If this should happen, the open air will oxidize and discolor the pore-clogging material. This is what gives blackheads their dark appearance.
  • How successful is the treatment?
    The advance electrolysis treatment is very successful on skin tags, Milia Seeds and skin coloured moles.
  • What is the difference between Oil Clogs and Milia Seeds?
    The main difference between oil clogs and milia seeds are that milia seeds have white heads, while oil clogs do not. So it is very important that to difference them. In the case that you are worried of not able to differentiate it, do not worry. Our senior beauty therapists will be able to differentiate it for you.

Terms and Conditions

  • Voucher purchased is not refundable as it is an exclusive online promotion.
  • Upon consultation , an option to top up for Numb gel to prevent pain / Vitamin C to apply after treatment for prevention of scaring.
  • Promotion price is only valid for online purchase.
  • Service voucher is only valid from the date of purchase.
  • Each type of service voucher is only limited to one redemption per NRIC.
  • Valid for first-time customers / customers who have not visited Expression the past 6 months. Age 18 and above only.
  • Type of service, duration of service and number of treatments are not changeable.
  • Service Voucher promotion is not valid with other promotions and discounts.
  • There is no hidden cost in the service voucher unless the customer decides to upgrade the package.
  • Reservation is required . Advance booking of 1 – 2 weeks is recommended for weekends or peak-hour slots.
  • Customer has to present NRIC/valid pass and printed voucher on arrival.

Blogger Review

Blogger Kelyn

“I’m happy to have expressions helping me to get rid of them, my therapist also applied a Vee mask for me to relieve and soothe the skin reaction from the treatment.”

>

*Disclaimer: Results vary based on the individual.


Here Is Your Secret To Flawless Skin. Get Rid Of These Skin Problems: Milia Seeds, Oil Clogs, Black Heads, White Heads, and Skin Tags For A More Confident Look!

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