Mothers Day GIFT HAMPER | Collagen | Phytoceramide | Bird Nest | FREE PRETTY WOMEN SET [BUND086]

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Mothers Day GIFT HAMPER | Collagen | Phytoceramide | Bird Nest | FREE PRETTY WOMEN SET [BUND086]



A) Collagen
B) Phytoceramide
C) Bird Nest Collgen

Only $88

Expressions Collagen

Collagen is an essential building block for elasticity, and its ability to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkle. This protein is necessary to firm sagging skin, and it can even help out your skin tone and can also improve joint and tissue health

Diminish sagging Wrinkles and Fine Lines

UV care and exposure to the sun, pollution, poor health choices, and aging can all cause collagen levels to decrease in the skin. When collagen levels begin to decrease, you will begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles forming around your mouth and eyes. By using our product, lines and wrinkles seem to evaporate, replaced by plump, vibrant skin alive with collagen and elastin.

*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.


Improve skin tone & reduce permanent scars

Having a flawless and youthful complexion makes women look younger, but it also improves their confidence level. Collagen can keep small veins and arteries from appearing, and help you maintain an even skin tone. Scars from acne, pitted scars, and other problems ruin a flawless complexion, and the amino acids found in collagen can help minimize the appearance of these dark spots natural supplements can help to promote faster healing. Collagen supplements have been found to help promote healthy tissue formation, which speeds up the healing process so you can enjoy a flawless complexion.


Dry and dehydrated skins are a common problem that can be easily treated with collagen supplements.

Collagen supplements contain the amino acids that your skin is missing, which can help moisturize and diminish the appearance of imperfections.

Firm Tone & Youthful Skin

Health researchers have found that collagen peptides are a safe and natural ingredient that can be easily digested to improve the appearance of your skin, unlike creams and lotions that only improve the outer layer of the skin.

Expressions Collagen
60 Capsules, 2 Capsules per Day

Expressions Collagen Helps :

Firm Sagging Skin
Even Out Skin Tone
Reduces wrinkles and Fine lines
Promote fast healing
Help improve scar and pitted skin
Minimized dark spot
Moisture and Hydrated skin
Improve Joint and tendon health
Improved skin appearances
Collagen derived from fresh water fish and MADE IN THE USA.
A low molecular mass (low weight) amino collagen powder,  means that your body uses it more effectively.
Fish collagen peptide combines with hyaluronic acid  for the ultimate in anti-aging support. No Fillers, No Flavors, No Sugar, No Artificial Preservatives.
In an 8-12 week, double-blind, randomized study of our fish peptide collagen, participants saw dramatic anti-aging results

Expressions Phytoceramides

Expressions Flawless skin with Phytoceramide Ageless Beauty Regime
30 Capsules per bottle , ONE capsule per day.

Skin Rejuvenate from the Inside Out

It consists of ceramosides which is a patented and clinically proven ingredient providing a powerful moisturizing and anti-aging action by oral. Besides that, it can help to increase skin moisturization, reduce wrinkles and increases skin elasticity in just 15 days.
It is a fast acting skin care solution that is free from any side effects.
Your Skin’s Natural Regeneration Molecules
As the year pass, ceramide production declines dramatically.


*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.

The Phytoceramide Breakthrough

To help prevent skin infections, skin dryness, and wrinkling, researchers have investigated the effectiveness of tropically applying ceramides to the skin surface

What they discovered is that adding lipids such as ceramides directly to the skin can improve the moisture barrier function-but only modestly.

That’s why cream and lotions, applied to the outer surface of the skin simply can’t match the steady supply of ceramides that naturally comes from healthy, youthful skin.

Take Expressions Collagen and Phytoceramides Together to Get the Best Result !



For long last eternal beauty takes Bird Nest twice a week, plus daily 2 capsules of Expressions Collagen to maintain youthful and flawless


1) Waterproof Cleansing Set
2) 4D Electric Powder Puff
3) Fashionable Accessories Tatoo
4) LED Make-up Mirror
5) Eye Care Massager  


Pamper yourself and turn back the clock when you try this relaxing facial treatment set to attend to the needs of your skin. Your skin becomes softer and more supple with this Acetino Supersonic Waterproof cleansing set for face and body while saving money from visits to the spa at the same time!

Fashionable Accessories Tattoo

Various necklace, bracelet or ring designs 

No need to stand the pain of traditional TATTOO and difficulty of removing
Fashionable Accessories TATTOO can give you an amazing tattoo look with only a few drops of water

Water Proof
Easy to Apply

How to use:

1. Remove the transparent paper
2. Put the tattoo sticker on your skin
3. Add a few drops of water on the tatoo sticker
4. Press the tatoo sticker about 30sec
5. Remove the tattoo sticker paper from your skin

We are also offering LED Make-up Mirror!

Compact sized mirror, ideal for travelling.

Suitable for gifts.

Comes with box and manual in English and Chinese instructions.

Available in White and Gold color

3 Built-in LED Light Strip

Suitable for Poor Light Environment/ Night Time Use


Low Power Consumption

2 x AAA Batteries Operated; Environmentally Friendly

360° Rotation

Easy to Use;

Can be placed on table or hung on wall

Small, Handy & Compact

Put a whole new focus on makeup application and more with the 3X Magnifying mirror.


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