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Expressions Slim Juice (Also known as KiloKiller) [SJUS05001]



Expressions Slim juices  |  Weight loss  |  Kilokiller 

Have you tried slimming and detox products but see no results?
Does it frustrate you that your efforts are going down the drain?

Expressions is here to help!

Expressions Slimjuice is highly raved by many customers and even celebrity blogger, Bong QiuQiu! The 100% proven detox and slimming formula helps to eliminate the stubborn fat cells effectively and efficiently.

Expressions Slim Juice is 5-step slimming supplement that helps you to weight loss and reshape your body. With our effective Slim Juice, it is definitely the solution to your goal of slimming down healthily once known as kilokiller, it has been newly formulated with finer granules to dissolve easier in juices.

Life is more than just about work and rest.
Your well-being is also an important aspect in life!
A Revamp of KiloKiller

5-steps how Expressions Slimjuice target at fat cells:

  • Burns stubborn fat cells stored away in the body
  • Drains harmful toxins hindering the absorption of nutrients
  • Create a smooth movement for the breakdown of food
  • Appeases appetite all day long
  • Reduces the tendency of snacking

Main Benefits:

  • Burn Fats
  • Drain impurities
  • Enhance slimming effect
  • Overcome and defend hunger
  • Reduce tiredness

Direction of use:
Mix the contents of 1 sachet into glass of water or fruit juice. Drink it immediately after mixing Slimjuice to prevent evaporation of the vitamins and nutrients. You can drink 1 – 3 sachets per day. For detoxification purpose, you can drink 1 – 2 sachets per day. For slimming and detox, you can drink 2 – 3 sachets per day. Slim juice can be consumed before, during or after your meal.

Bloggers Review

SlimJuice - Bong QiuQiuSlimJuice - Fiona*disclaimer – Results may vary base on the individual.


SlimJuice is a 5-step slimming supplement that targets your unwanted fat cells.
A healthier and easier way to lose those excess kilos and reshape your body in no time!

4 reviews for Expressions Slim Juice (14 sachets) | Weight loss | Kilokiller

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I was able to lose 2kgs in just a week. Effective and highly recommended!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great service! Thanks! Ordered yesterday and received it this morning!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tried 2 days now. Forgot to take wheat bran on the first day. So today tried it out. Curbed my appetite. Don’t feel hungry at all. Overall, happy with service and product. Will update more after 1 month.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    My body fat % have dropped from 37.8 to 35.8 which is really great improvement despite my lack of dieting.

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