* SERVICES – Women’s Facial


Womens – O2 Face Therapy

O2 FACE THERAPY *results can vary based on the individual CLAIM NOW $300 FREE VOUCHER Upper ThomsonOrchard Where Did You ...
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puregold facial

Womens – Pure Gold Radiance StemCell Facial

PURE GOLD RADIANCE STEMCELL FACIAL 1 Give yourself the Royal Treatment with Expressions Pure Gold Radiance StemCell Facial Since ancient ...
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Women’s – Milia Seeds

Milia Seed Removal in Singapore YOUR SECRET TO FLAWLESS SKIN! Free yourself from Milia Seeds and Oil Clogs, see the ...
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Anti-Dark Spots Pigmentation

Women – Anti Dark Spots/Pigmentation

ANTI-DARK SPOTS/PIGMENTATION 1 Human skin contains melanocyte cells that produce melanin, a chemical that gives skin its colour. Too much ...
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PROMOTIONS – Spider Gold Facial

Spider Gold Facial Look Younger! *results can vary based on the individual Claim your FREE VEE MASK 1 Session Today! ...
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Expressions Women uFacial Pro5s 5-in-1

INSTANT FACE LIFTING WITH PRO5S The PRO5S is a 5-in- 1 treatment designed to apply innovative technological synergy to achieve firming, ...
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Salmon E gg-V Face Treatment

Womens – Salmon Egg-V Face

Salmon Egg-V Face 1 Utilising more than 10 natural ingredients exclusively extracted from the Alaska egg roe stem cell and ...
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acne clearance

Acne Clearance

ANTI-ACNE CLEARANCE / PRO RADIANCE & DYNAMIC PEEL 1 Expressions Acne Clearance Facial starts with a professional, guided skin consultation ...
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