Women Slimming, Fat Melting Ultrasound

Fat Melting Ultrasound Treatment

Women Slimming, Fat Melting Ultrasound

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Fat Melting Ultrasound, also know as Proslimelt, is a non-invasive fat reduction and body toning technology. It is suitable for working on fat tissues that are resistant to diet or exercise. Common areas include the arms, abdomen, love handles, hips and thighs.

Proslimelt uses low frequency ultrasound waves that penetrate up to 5cm deep into the fat under the skin. These waves break down the cellular membranes rapidly, allowing your body to effectively release liquid fat to be broken down in the liver.

Using a selective technological system that targets only fat cells, it does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues. This stimulates fat metabolism and its elimination, allowing fat to be released. Lab research shows that at 100% intensity after infusion of salt water, these waves can disrupt fat cells and collagen, releasing high levels of cholesterol and Isogei & Radio Frequency.

This procedure is non-invasive with no side effects. It is painless, leaves no scars and requires no recovery time.


A selective technological system that targets only adipose (fatty) tissue, so that no other tissue is altered in the process

Uses ‘ultrasound lipolysis’ to break down fat and to soften cellulite

Stimulates fat metabolism and fat reduction without inflicting damage to surrounding tissues



Stay fit and look dapper with Expression's fat-bursting treatment Proslimelt, a non-invasive solution for faster and longer-lasting weight loss.

Women are realising that they too can reap the benefits of the age-defying effects of body contouring. Proslimelt is the painless alternative to surgery, pills and dieting. The treatment reduces water retention and melts away fat using adavanced, non-invasive body slimming and contouring technology that stimulates fat cells by penetrating deep into the fat under the skin and breaks them down using "Ultrasound Lipolysis". Read More ...


- Blogger Limaran Agustina

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"I find it quite amazing how Expressions can make me, from feeling like a disheartened and fat new mom, to a hot mom now "

- QiuQiu, Blogger

"It is shocking that I lost 2.5CM around my waist! Like WHATTTTTTTTTTT? And my weight went down about 700grams. Impressive I must say."

– Michelle, Blogger

"When the therapist told me that I could see my melted fats which gets diffused across the skin? I was doubtful about it but when she scraped the cold gel off my stomach, I was like ‘seriously?"

– Denise, Blogger

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Does it hurt?
The entire process is painless! You will at most feel a warm sensation as the ultrasound wand glides its way around your skin. You will also hear some buzzing sound but it will not be uncomfortable.

Can I return to normal activities after procedure?
The Proslimelt Treatment is completely non-surgical and has no side effects, so typically you can return to normal activities immediately. Often times, customers return to work after the session is over.

How much do your treatments cost?
Our fees are competitive and we will always give a clear indication of the cost of any treatment.

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